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Come aboard a daysailer sailboat for a sail to a tropical island beach party!

I'd always wanted to try to build a weekender daysailer. When Covid hit I started the build and began ordering used parts from all the sailing and tropical sets I could find. As I built the boat slowly over the winter my kids got interested and we found ourselves fantasizing about where we would go if we could travel. We imagined a tropical island and we all started building many different versions. This project was very therapeutic and got us through two Covid winters.

I think this would make a great LEGO set because it's so fun to imagine a day sail to a tropical island party. Many people love the fantasy of daysailer sailboats but never have the chance to get out on one. This set allows everyone to have a daysailer without owning an actual "hole in the water in which you throw money," as they say.

My 6-year-old daughter says, “Because it was fun to build, and it looked like it would be fun and cool to be there!” 

My 9-year-old son says, “It’s got a large amount of enthusiasm and the right colors and you can move the characters around in a way that makes them real.”

Build Info
The hull and top plate are from the set "Sailing Rescue," part 92710 and 92711 "White Boat, Hull Unitary 28 x 8 with Dark Bluish Gray Top." I really wanted to use the airspace up in the bow, but I couldn't of course break the top plate, so I just imagine there's a bow bunk up there, or at least storage.

The daysailer sails are from the Technic sailboat 42074.

The sail for the dingy is from Sailing Rescue too and the hull is a pirate rowboat.

Thanks for reading!

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