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Highlands Castle


This set comprises a big scottish Highlands Castle, having three levels, some furnitures to put inside, several minifigs and animals.

The Castle itself is on two 32x16 plates (total size 32x32), with hinges, allowing it to open the Castle and see the inside.
On the lower level, inside the rock, two big rooms can contains beer barrels, or even a prison.

The acces to the entrance of the Castle is done with a stair that is embedded in the rock.

The groundfloor of the Castle comprises the entrance door and entrance hall, as well as the Great Hall of the Landlord. This is a higher room, having a balcony.

The top level of the Castle comprises a tower, on which is hanging a scottish look-a-like flag.

The Castle`s walls comprise many decorated windows and other decorations.

Some furniture is present within the set, and can be disposed inside the Castle :
- a table with four chairs
- a bed with little table and candle
- beer barrels with bottles and glasses

Concerning the minifigs, this set contains six scottish soldiers, two pipers, the landlord and his wife.
All minifigs (except the Lady) waire a kilt, white socs, and black shoes.

Some animals (rats, dogs, cats) are also present within the set.

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