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Railroad Locomotive with Remote-Controlled Magnets (Shunter/Switcher)


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With Lego trains you can bring your cargo trains to the freight terminal, you can unload them ... but you have to stay there with your locomotive the whole time...

With this shunter you can finally uncouple your waggons from your locomotive and reassemble them to new trains. Since the coupling mechanism is realised by power functions, you can operate them with a remote control (your mobile phone with the app or the remote control e.g. for the trains). The design is a fictional idea, I orientied it on the swiss "Crocodile" Class Ce 6/8.

The design: The reason for this uncommon design lies in the used technical functions. Due to the integration of all technical necessary elements and the decoupling mechanism, a "one body" locomotive would have been to big.

The inside: The motor is along the battery box in the central unit. It drives some gears and racks inside and finally, via a cadran-joint, a worm gear in the head/tail of the locomotive. The cardan-joint is needed so you can drive around curves [and they look very nice ;-) ]. The worm gear moves the magnet foward in the coupling position. If you want to decouple, it will retract the magnet.

The power function elements inside are:

- A battery box

- A train motor

- A WeDo 2.0 Medium Motor (like in the Batmobile 76112)


PS: This is my first Lego Ideas project, suggestions welcome ;-)

PPS: Sorry for the faceless minifigure -.-'

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