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Infinity Train


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All aboard the Infinity Train! This submission is based on the recently released show: Infinity Train. After waiting almost 3 years from when the original pilot aired, I realized that the show is a perfect fit in Lego! 

This submission includes:

3 Train Cars

  • The Grid Car
  • The Corgi Car
  • The Cat's Car

4 Characters

  • Tulip
  • Atticus
  • One-One
  • The Cat

1 Creature

  • Ghom

Photos (in order:)

The Grid Car

This car is decorated with cubes and pixel art to resemble it's appearance in the show. It has 2 2x2 printed tiles that can be used as accessories or placed on the floor to add further decoration. The car also includes a hiding place for Tulip and One-One to hide from the Ghom.

The Corgi Car

This car includes Greco-Roman esk architecture to resemble the car's look in the show. It also features a flowing river and a strange glowing orb that Tulip can hold.

The Cat's Car

This car includes many artifacts and treasures to portray its look in the show. It also has a strange TV set and couch. The printed 1x1 tiles can be inserted into the TV, or be used as accessories for Tulip.

I also included and extra photo to better show off the custom prints I made for this project.

This Project includes a total of 2953 pieces

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