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The Brickwalled Music Hall

Get ready for an evening of rock at the Brickwalled Music Hall!

The goal of this design is to create a realistically detailed representation of a rock gig at minifigure scale. The design is intended to please the sensibilities and discerning eyes of music fans and musicians.

The Brickwalled Music Hall includes approximately 2,950 pieces with 9 minifigures. A removable, modular stage floor allows for easy reconfiguration.

The stage structure incorporates a variety of details such as curtains, a line-array sound system, stage light rigging, and emergency fire exit signage. A ceiling medallion with disco ball provides a central accent. The disco ball as well as the colored lights shining down from the corners of the ceiling are interconnected and can be rotated by turning the round brick above.

The modular stage floor holds 5 different Musician Modules at a time. A total of 9 Musician Modules are included in the build to support a wide variety of band configurations, from an intimate solo singer-songwriter to a full rock band.

Each Musician Module is envisioned as a self-contained stage area with all the instruments and gear for an individual musician, arranged in a rational fashion. When removed from the main build's full stage, the Musician Modules remain cohesive individual models and are perfectly suited for display in smaller spaces.

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