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Trip to the Fishing Dock

Step right down onto the dock and enjoy a nice fishing day with this display set! While waiting to reel in a fish on the dock notice the surrounding nature, and the beauty of every detail. The waves rushing to the shore, a clump of swamp-like plants surrounding the dock on either end, but most noteworthy is that preying seagull flying overhead keeping an eye out for what you may catch. Meanwhile, another world lies underneath, with rocky terrain, dangling plants from above, and a hidden secret buried deep within.

Based on the design of a dock at a park's lake in my area, a lot of attention to detail was initially focused on replicating the edge of it, but later expanded beneath the water for a more displayable addition to your Lego collection. While meant to focus on detail in an affordable scale, there are interactive and modular features in the set, including an interchangeable seagull stand, a skull and gold hidden underneath the rocks, and various ways to position the aquatic wildlife.

This set includes two minifigures, a cat, an alligator, a seagull, and six fish.

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