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Heroica Modulars packs

This is my concept for Heroica room packs. Each one has two rooms and above you can see what they look like when they're all put together. Some things like the entry's globes or Wood Pack's Relics can be moved around for easy customization. I'll put some in-depth info on each below:

Wood pack: Contains three exclusive relics, as well as Waldurk, Draida and Nathuz relics, and exclusive gold Helmet of protection.

Stone pack: Includes one of each of the villains from the first four sets, including a bat and spider, as well as three "undead" minifigs. (Zombie, Vampire, and Ramses Pyramid/Return Mummy King, to be precise.)

Attic and Entrance pack: Includes Entrance to the heroes' domicile, with opening doors and little lights you can move around. The attic is a little boring, I admit, but it's useful for storing your potions and such, also very handy for topping off your heroes' home.

BEEP BA BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEP! Modular Packs part 2 now online!
All sets compatible and customisable, please enjoy! BRKTRN
PS: may not be compatible with normal Heroica sets when built as presented, but can be modified for advanced playability, that is all!

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