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The Landscaping Kit

The Landscape Kit is a general purpose decorate set designed to add organic, visual interest to nearly any MOC or layout. It consists of three different types of brick-built trees - a large spruce tree, a medium sized birch tree, and a small young pine tree. Each tree comes with a unique base containing more flora to further help add to the illusion of life.

I've designed it to contain no rare, printed, or yet to be manufactured parts. Each tree contains a length of 3mm Rigid hose to hold it together firmly for maximum durability.

At a part count of only around 300 pieces, this should be within most any budget.

The graceful birch tree comes with a bed of red flowers, bringing contrast to it's bright green leaves. It would be perfect near the home of a fairy princess or the girl next door.

The young pine tree comes with a small assortment of large leafy plants. This tree would look perfect hiding in a grove, a city park, or a residential street.

The mighty spruce tree stands tallest of the three, shading a small collection of mushrooms at its feet. It's dark green foliage would be perfect on a ski slope or as the backdrop to a grand castle.

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