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U2 - PopMart Tour 1997-1998


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Back in 1997 I went to my very first U2 concert, and despite sitting in the last row of the opposite end zone of Soldier Field, I was blown away by the spectacle that is a U2 concert.  Of course, you can't blame me, the PopMart tour was over the top in every way imaginable, including what was at the time the world's largest TV.  I still have what remains of the hat and t-shirt I purchased that night, although my wife will never let me wear them again.  Of course, it wasn't the last time I saw them, I've seen them pretty much every time they've swung through Chicago since then.

However, I did not choose the PopMart tour simply because it was my first U2 concert, I chose it because it is the tour that lends itself best to being recreated with Legos.  From the bright colors of the yellow PopMart arch, the orange speakers, the red outline around the TV, The giant lemon that the band would emerge from for the encore, and the giant olive on a stick, it is a stage that offers vibrant colors and large objects that lends itself well to being recreated in Lego.

Furthermore, the TV was not a true TV, but rather a very large array of lights.  From up close it just looked like a bunch of lights, but from a distance it would create a brilliant image.  Therefore, I built the TV as a mosaic, and likewise, that mosaic can be changed over and over again to represent different animations and video effects that were displayed on the TV throughout the concerts using the same techniques used to create the new line of Lego Art sets.  Whether you want to recreate images used during the performance of One or Bullet the Blue Sky, it is entirely up to you.  Plus, if you feel its time for a change, you easily can detach the TV and change the mosaic so that the set always looks fresh.

For anyone who attended the PopMart tour, or any other U2 concert, you know that they put on the greatest show on Earth.  There is no one more deserving to be commemorated with a Lego set than Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr.  Millions of people have attended U2 concerts over the years, and even more have listened to their music, I'm just asking for 10,000 of you to support this set.  Thank you.

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