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Fort Boyard


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Here is the Lego version of Fort Boyard in my beautiful region of Charente Maritime!

You probably know this famous French fort through television shows broadcast around the world. Adventurers enter the fort to pass physical and mental tests in order to capture the treasure.

Historically, this fort was built in 1804 to protect the large Rochefort arsenal from attacks by the English Navy. It was then transformed into a prison when the range of the cannons increased, making the fort useless in the defense of the estuary.

For this construction, it all started when my 8 year old son, a very big fan of the television show, asked me to build a Fort Boyard with him in Lego. After a few attempts together with the pieces we had at home, I decided to model it larger with Studio 2.0 software.

The fort measures 28 cm long, 12.5 cm wide and 9 cm high and includes 2200 pieces. I was keen to reproduce the fort as faithfully as possible without it being too large so that the number of final pieces was reasonable.

Connoisseurs of the fort will easily recognize the tower of Father Fouras overlooking the building, the treasure room with its famous letters on the ground allowing you to write the code word as well as its gold coin fountain which is activated when the code word is used. is correct.

You will also find the different alleys of the fort, the footbridge on the first floor and the doors leading to the terrible trials of the fort!

A large central part stands out allowing you to view the interior of the Fort. She also allows access to secret rooms where the masters of the fort enforce their law and protect the keys!

I wanted this Lego set to be both fun and historical in order to bring together young and old builders. It will find its place in your games room or in your living room ! I hope it will be present in mine soon !!

This is the first creation that I have submitted to Lego IDEAS and I hope you like it!

Don’t hesitate to leave me your comments and give me your feelings!

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