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Flying Scotsman & MK1 Coaches - Steam Train

All Aboard!!!
About The Model
This is my model of the 'Flying Scotsman' in 6 wide (studs). The model had been scaled as accurately as possible to the real Flying Scotsman. It runs on all Lego train tracks and will be able to fit into your Lego train stations without modification.

Flying Scotsman
The Flying Scotsman I created for Lego Ideas is based on the 1957 livery in dark blue numbered '60103'. It is most famous for being the first Steam Engine to reach 100mph (160kph) in 1934. The Flying Scotsman model is based on the A3 Pacific, and the coaches are based on the British Railways 'Blood and Custard' MK1 coaches.
About The Design
This Flying Scotsman had been an on-going project of mine for about a year with roughly 150 hours put into the design. I really wanted to portray a detailed Flying Scotsman in this colour, however, due to the lack of piece selection in dark blue I unfortunately cannot build a physical version. Even though this was a digital design, I have double checked the structural integrity to the best of my ability so that it could be built in real life as long as the parts are available.

Future Plans
I plan to redesign this into its green livery so that it could be built in real life. And I also plan to make a motorised tender instead of filling it with coal and water.

Piece Count
Locomotive - 1032 pcs
Buffet car - 841 pcs
Passenger car - 813 pcs
Coal + water - 314 pcs
Total - 2686 pcs

Your support is greatly appreciated!!

All design was done using BrickLink's and PartDesigner, and the stickers were made using Adobe Illustrator.

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