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Goblin Battle Platform


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"Look, Ratguts, get this thing moving... NOW!" screamed the goblin wizard. He hated the smell of fish at the best of times and in hot days like these, the smell was particularly bad. And shaking about, high up on his wooden throne always made him feel sick. But the worst thing of all was incessant sound of buzzing. He hated the buzzing most of all.

"Yes Boss yes," snapped the hapless driver, "I'm trying to get it to move... but if the spider ain't hungry, then he just ain't hungry!"

"Well hurry up and get him hungry, or we'll see if he likes the taste of Ratguts for breakfast!"

Dangling the pair of rotting fish further away from them both, and in front of where he can only assume the giant spider is looking, Ratguts encourages the cloud of flies to move in a way that attracts the spider's attention.

"Woah, Boss, hold on. Here we go!" he calls out behind him as the giant spider lurches forward.

"That's better," roars the wizard, holding onto the swaying throne that little bit tighter, and turning an even paler shade of olive green. "Now, head towards those human lines. We'll give them something to worry about, if my name's not Gazgob the Wizard... CHARGE!"



On the surface a simpler design than some of my other work, the actual platform that Gazgob the Wizard sits on took a while to get right. The first two versions were in fact much busier, but it lost the shape of the spider and felt too cluttered.

So I stripped everything back, added a microfig heroica goblin warrior as a little orkling and some spears for defense. With the goblin archers on the side, precariously balanced on spider webs and a shadow goblin hanging precariously for dear life from the bone ladder used to climb up on the spider, this fearsome beast is designed to transport a goblin leader into the heart of any battle.


My IDEAS dream would be to see a whole line of Castle/Fantasy sets that will allow all ages of fans of LEGO and tabletop gaming to come together, in order to help everyone learn strategic thinking, teamwork and planning, basic arithmetic, tactical awareness and simple probability. Please support and share in order to help this dream become a reality!

You can follow the progress of all my projects in this range here: which will include siege weapons, mounted units, cavalry and all sorts of other fun stuff. And anything you don't see, feel free to request via

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