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Abandoned Haunted Cavalry Watchtower

Enter at your own peril, for this recently abandoned watchtower could end up being the last trip you make!
Join our two cavalry heroes as they try to discover what became of their fellow comrades after communication ceased between the watchtower and headquarters.
They’ll soon find the tower has become occupied with a classic ghost and an ill tempered witch. Move through the giant cobweb in the doorway to discover the ghost waiting for them inside, and if they manage to escape him, a witch awaits them on the next floor, crafting wicked potions to use on the unsuspecting soldiers.
Atop the watchtower itself we find two of the previous occupants, now turned to bones!
This set came about from my love of the old west theme, which hasn’t been in existence for far too long. The previous theme never produced a watchtower so I said I’d remedy that with this particular set. I also thought, why not do something a bit different as well and make it haunted while I’m at it.
It’s a nice, tidy set built upon a 16*16 baseplate and incorporates a nicely finished aesthetic throughout with several shapes and textures.
Each of the 3 levels are easily accessible, making it an easy toy to play with, or to display models in.
I’d envisage this set coming with 2 cavalry soldiers, 2 skeletons, 2 horses, a witch and a ghost.
Perhaps a good Halloween themed set and also one that fits seamlessly with the old west theme.

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