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The 2 Cup Cafe


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Hi all,

This is my cafe.


It is built on 1 16x16 and 5 8x8 plates, the bottom part is 7 bricks tall and the fence on the balcony is 2 bricks high.


The interior has two 2 seat tables and one 4 seat table next to it there is a cash desk with 4 ready coffees on a shelve behind.


On the outside there is a neatly cut lawn with four 2 seater tables, the idea is that this is a cosy cafe. The great thing about this is that it fits in anywhere perfectly, it can be anywhere from the country side to a city. It has a sign that has 2 cups on and that's why it's called the 2 cup cafe.


The balcony is a nice place to sit on a hot day it has six 2 seater tables and one 4 seater tables. It also has a nice fence round the stairs so you won't fall in and the fences round the balcony have nice flowers round them.


I hope you like this project and support.

Tucnak 10

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