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Architecture: Machu Picchu.

Hello Lego fans! This is the forth BrickWell project to come off the belt. Basically what is proposed here is a minituare scale version of the famous Inca ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru. It would be a single set that could belong to the Architecture theme. It would be quite large and use lots of little pieces like tiles and studes to create intricate details. It would also take some creative liscense, as you can see in the following pictures, to represent features like crypts and the Urubamba River Valley below it. It would likely be aimed at advanced builders who could assemble tiny details with patience. If Lego does produce this as a set, it would obviously be smaller and more refined. It would be intended as a model for display, rather than as a model for play. Please read the specifications below for further details:
-The model is 50 by 60 studs in width and length at the base.
-It measures 40 by 49 centimetres in length and width at the base.
-The model from the base to the top is about 22 centimetres in height.
-It is made from 6,265 small and medium sized pieces.
Obviously, the piece count would be dramatically reduced if this were to be produced. The model width and length would also need to be shrunk to make it a viable display piece. The model is also built on a thick base of bricks which would be thinned. If you like the images and would like it to be created as a set, please give your much appreciated support. Comments are welcome. Also, if you would like to support this project, please take the time to look at the Ancient World Civilizations project published by MATIJA. His model of Machu Picchu inspired the inspiration for this project. Thanks for taking your time to view my model!

Birds-Eye View: This is the Mach Picchu model seen from above, revealing the intricate use of tiles and studs. You can also see a minituare representation of the Urubamba River Valley at the rear of the model.

Right-Hand View: This is the Mach Pichu model seen from the right side. You can see the Urubamba river and the thick jungle foliage at the base. You can also just make out the circular temple with the micro-scale crypt beneath it. At the right of the temple is the sun tethering post.

Left-Hand View: This is the model seen from the left side. You can see more trees or bushes which replicate the thick Andean jungle and various scaled ruined houses and temples. Note the tiled terraces accented by the use of Lego 1 times 1 tiles to show age and discolouration.

Rear-End View: This is the Machu Picchu model seen from behind. Notice the many grey bricks and dark-green slopes used to create the rocky, steep cliffs and how studs have been used to replicate stones and boulders along the banks of and in the Urubamba River. Sand coloured tiles make a sandy bank. Note that it is obviously not to scale.

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