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Micro Town Builder

What is it?
This proposed idea is a set of plates/tiles that you build to form a village where you can add new roads and create your own village buildings to add to the certain coloured tiles.Its a bit like Sim City but in Lego.

The photos supplied have green as either a park tile or a residential tile which I have built my family home as an example of what could be built.
The sets are in micro scale so use nano-figs for scale. In the set you could have cars as well as office buildings.The set works using a grid of 17 x 17 stud bases which mean the roads encircle the houses which include a roundabout,straight road,junction and corner.Its similar to the old Lego road plates which you could drive your toy cars along.

Outlined below are pictures of a possible combination of the pieces put together as well as each seperated.I would think as a set it would also include micro pieces to design your own house or turning the modular sets into micro scale,(someone probably has).

The set itself would come with the bricks to make the plates and road pieces as well as the bricks separately to construct the homes and parks .It would also be good to provide a guide along side the set of possible combinations and builds to add to the plates such as a supermarket or hotel.

I have always liked Lego and check the ideas page regularly for new sets and ideas which could be created and thought I would have a go and see if this creates any traction.Also being in lock down here in the UK the idea started from just creating my house to purchase the pieces on bricklink to make at home,(Have also improved my designing ability I guess).I watched a youtuber designing a block of flats on studio and thought I would try it out.

Any questions I am happy to answer as could be a cool tool for anyone wanting to understand town planning and thank you for supporting.

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