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The Isle of the Dead

3th version of Arnold Böcklin´s The Isle of the dead is by far my most favorite painting. Like many artists and people around the world, I was also heavily impacted by this classical masterpiece. It is mostly the things I cannot see which make me dream about this mysterious place. It is hypnotizing me. The darkness behind the cypresses hiding the rest of the path where the soul is lead to. If you are not familiar with it, go check out Wikipedia. There is one heck of a story behind this painting...

Those reasons escalated in me into the most complicated lego build I´ve ever done. I don´t have enough bricks to make it real, so I made it in Lego Designer 4.3 in offline mode. Something is simply off ... it was quite an attempt, but hey, I made it:)
1846 pieces. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the color palette of each brick, but I decided not to do any compromise. I did try to make it as precise as possible and yet do not spoil any secrets from the painting. 
I think the model is fairly stable and durable for the display set. And it is cool that you can observe the scenery from more angles.

I believe this set might be a great contribution to the LEGO ART collection for adults.
I hope you like it as I do and you are going to help me bring this set into production.

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