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Lego Blow Moulding Machine

Inspired from the Ultra Exclusive 4000001 Injection Moudling machines Lego set,(thus the color scheme). This Lego model is a 1990s Blow Moulding Machine.

Similar to Injection Moulding (how Legos are made), Blow moulding uses an additional step where air is introduced. This is ideal for making plastic products that are hollow such as Plastic containers and bottles.

This Lego set comes with a mechanic minifig, a trolley, a crate, the Blow Moulding Machine, control panel, and some "product bottles" for the minifigs.

There should be a black rubber belt connecting the 2 wheels at the back of the machine. a mini Lego air compressor can also be attached to the ports located at the side of the machine :)

Machine with all its valves. The yellow 1x1 "bottles" can be replaced with some other Lego element.

Unlike other sets, this sets uniqueness will be in the instruction manuals - gearing towards educating kids (and kids at heart) about the parts of the actual machine (since its modeled after a real machine - complete with Hopper, Screw and Moulds, even the Blow Pin.)

while building the parts, there are short info-graphics in the manual that give the details of the parts and what process they carry out.

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