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Galactic Voyager: Spaceship/Playset

The ships name is the Galactic Voyager, and is a large scale, multi component spaceship that separates into a space fighter, called the Voyager, and a command base, called the Galactic Command Centre. The ship is themed off the style of the classic space line of LEGO sets, spanning from 1978, to 1987. The two gunning stations on the ends of the wings can be removed and used as mini fighter crafts, and the roof of the ship Itself can be removed to allow access to the base and enable the Voyager to be removed. The Voyager’s roof can also be separately removed to gain access to the cockpit to place a pilot in the seat, and the Galactic base can be closed up and connected solidly to the Voyager ship making it whole again, ready to depart on the next mission. I built this ship with the theme of exploration and creative thinking in mind. The classic space set were all about exploring and discovering, and the some of the sets did not justify what the set needed to be. Is it a base? Is it a ship? Is it both? You decide. All of the play features are themed on exploring, and researching, which is the main idea classic space. With luck, this project will become an actual set in production, which would be more than a dream for me.


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