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Burger Lounge Modular


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     Nothing screams "America" like a hot, juicy burger! And if this set gets 10,000 of your votes, you too can serve up classic big burgers, sliders, fries, and ice cream to the citizens of your Lego town.


-The first floor has tables and a well-stocked kitchen with a stove, ovens, and a char grill.

-The second floor has a fully stocked bar and more tables.

-The third floor has yet more tables and an employee area, complete with a table, lockers, and a filing cabinet.

-There are TVs hung up all over the place to broadcast sports games and the news.

The set also includes a bartender, a chef, 2 waiters, 3 customers, and lots of burgers, sliders, fries, glass mugs, and ice cream glasses.

This set was partly inspired by the Godfather Burger Lounge in Belmont, CA, and the Red Robin Gourmet Burger chain, and is designed to stand out among other modulars. I marveled at the interior design of the two restaurants, so I merged the dark colors in Godfather's with the American icons in Red Robin joints.

Please support this set! This is the first time I've used POV-Ray to render images from Lego Digital Designer.

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