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Poor House


Many people show with pride their rich house models, but I'm showing you my new project: a poor house. When someone thinks on a house, usually imagines it big and expensive, but this house is just the opposite. No, it hasn't any bricks left, it's just broken.

It's built with 929 bricks, none of them special and with no special stickers (it's as simple as it can be). The house has the following items (most of them broken) included:

-A bed (it´s just a dirty perforated mattress)

-Only one chair (three legs and some broken sticks)

-A washbasin (with some holes, of course)

-A WC (without top part, and dirty, like the floor)

-A small kitchen: one bucket for the food and a broken kitchen sink

-A door (only a piece of rusty blue metal that hides the indoors)

-On the outside, there's a small well to fetch water, with a straw roof

As you can see, even the steps are broken (and there are holes in the walls). This project is a tribute to those people who have to fight every day for their life, those who haven't had the things so easily.

I hope this project reaches the 10,000. This project is easy to build and attractive. I think that, if it gets the necessary votes, it will be sold quickly.

I'll wait for your votes!


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