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Coca-Cola Vending Machine

This Coca-Cola Vending Machine contains approximately 500 LEGO pieces.
You must select the soda you want (Coca-Cola, Sprite, or Fanta). Then stick your credit in the slot then the can of soda will come out of the hole in the bottom-left corner. When you push the button the select the soda, it pushes the soda can into either hole. The hole is blocked just enough to stop the soda cans from going down. Then when you push the credit card in the slot, it widens the hole to let the soda cans fall down the slope and into the hole in the bottom-left corner. You can only press one button a time because if you don’t, it will get stuck. If you are wondering how the credit card slot bounces back, here is the answer: I used a rubber LEGO piece (piece number 4198367). If you enter the credit card in the slot but didn’t select the type of soda, nothing will come out. The bar with a black-white-black pattern on the bottom-left is used to push the can of soda out the hole. Please support and follow!

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