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Steamboat Willie


A Little (but Significant) Step to Go

Only 100 Supporters need to reach 10.000! Incredible! I hope you like this Mini Micro Steamboat Willie too. Thank you!


'28 Mickey Mouse BrickHeadz

We reached 9700! Therefore I share with you this BrickHeadz version of  '28 Mickey Mouse.
This character is not included to the set, it's just another fun present for you! Thanks again!


Steamboat Mini

With 9500 Supporters we only need a "small step" to reach our goal, therefore this little surprise is made for you.
Now you can see the microscale version of Steamboat Willie. Thank you for everyone who's helping along this project on it's long journey!


Reaching 9K with BIG Update

So here is the next update! The bow, hull and stern is more massive now, also the shape of it is more similar to the original steamboat's appearance. I will share with you more images about other viewpoints in the future! Thank you for the long supporting and hope that you'll on board to achieve the next milestone! Thanks again and keep whistling!


Over 8k, still real Mickey loves it!

Still real Mickey Mouse support the idea. Big thanks to too!


Parrot and Goat

I'd like to add two extra characters from the short, maybe they can fit on the boat too. What do you think?

Thanks for sharing and supporting!


7k reached!

Thank you very much for everybody who's supporting the project!
Can't wait to achieve 2500 more Support.
Also fantastic that it's in the top of the 'Popular this Week' section.

Thanks again and keep it up!


New Minnie Mouse Minifigure

After rewatching the short, I realized that this set needs a Minnie Mouse Minifigure.

What do you think about it?

Also thank you for sharing and supporting!