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Batman: Mr. Freeze Labratory

Oh no! Mr. Freeze is up to no good again and is plotting to turn Gotham into a pile of snow and ice. Batman needs your help! Build the Whirly Bat and fly to Freeze's small lab on the snowy hill to stop him. This set comes with Batman, Nora Fries, and Mr. Freeze. It has the Whirly Bat, Freeze's Lab, and Nora's Chamber.

The only vehicle in this set is the Whirly Bat which was one of his first means of transportation. It is very fast and can go 90 mph on full speed. It is small and very maneuverable which is good. for small missions. I wanted to use a smaller vehicle because it is easy to build and has a wonderful design.

When designing the lab for Mr. Freeze I wanted it too look as if Mr. Freeze just sprayed his gun and the snow and ice manipulated itself into a little counter and workshop. At the end of the lab there is a area with 2 studs where he can put his helmet so it cools down and gets colder. in the middle there is a printed panel on which he can do some work on. There is also two jars of which he can use as freeze grenades or extra liquid for his helmet. The last feature is a white container in which he keeps his freeze gun and other important equipment.

The last feature of the set is Nora's container in-which she is kept in to keep her from dieing. When she was diagnosed with a deadly disease, Victor Fries, her husband, froze her so she couldn't die. In this piece there are 3 printed tiles so you don't have to put any stickers on. There is a computer which you can use to look up information or statistics about her and a thermometer which shows the current temperature of the case. Snow and ice surround it, along with a rope to keep it sealed extra tight.

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