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Asian calendar


I love the Asian style and Lego, I therefore seek to build items to decorate my house and join my two passions.
According the period (christmas) I decided to create a calendar of the month of december.
After building it, I showed it to some of my friends who love Lego too.
It appears that this construction was pretty appreciate and some of my friends wanted me to build one other for them.
Considering these requests I thought it was a good idea to create a project.

To build the calendar, I chose black, red, reddish brown and dark pink bricks because I think that they are the most common colors in the Western mind to describe the Asian style
It comes with three beautiful asian Minifigures.
I suggest that one or more characters are replaced each month by taking collectible or seasonal Minifigures.

I think it would be a beautiful set because a perpetual calendar, esthetic and smart, is what everybody's looking for.


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