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Retro Space Turbo Scooter

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After watching the LEGO Movie and witnessing what I thought would be the glorious return of the iconic retro LEGO Space sets and also getting what I thought were teasers of a possible rebirth of LEGO Space, I thought I'd do my take on a simple retro LEGO Space model.  

Considering how many new elements there now are in the LEGO catalogue allowing for far more elaborate models, I thought it was about time to see if my theory of "Classic LEGO Space needs to return" is actually possible.

So here I proudly announce to you the "Retro Space Turbo Scooter": small and with the original colour scheme we have all come to love, with the inclusion of darker grey bricks to show the Turbojet as it passes through the model with the two massive air scoops at the front of the craft and the hefty exhaust jet at the rear, hopefully more than enough "oomph" to get out of those tricky situations!

So is this enough to spark the return of the classic LEGO series?  Who knows, only time will tell...

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