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The Lion King: Simba's Mentors


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Hakuna Matata

This set includes the characters that guided Simba on his journey. I chose to omit most of the lions from this LEGO set because I tried to keep the size of the characters relatively consistent with their size in the movie. If the lions were to be added to this set they would take up most of the pieces, taking away attention from more recognizable characters.

Minimum pieces, Maximum playability

My goal was to design a LEGO set that would be affordable as an "impulse buy," while still appealing to both adult and young fans of the Lion King. I believe that the use of slightly more complex building methods only becomes a big obstacle for younger builders if it is included in large sets. In small sets, however, I believe they stand out without being intimidating and will inspire the young children who are building with them.

The characters are at maximum 4 studs wide, which was the minimum amount of width at which the characters are still recognizable without becoming abstract.

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