Product Idea

Zamperla Giant Discovery ride

operator pictures


I now have a picture of the operators.

Added new colors, fencing, riders seats and operator center


At the kind suggestion of BlackOnyx5, I updated this a lot. It now has a line for minifigures to wait in, fencing around it, an operator center, seats, and riders. It also has six operators. From right to left, on the picture of the riders, I have:

My Mom's friend, Mrs. Goodner

My Mom

My Dad's friend Mr. Goodner

My Dad

My brother

My brother's friend, Ally Goodner

Ally's sister Kathryn

My sister Aimee


My friend Haley Goodner

This is supposed to replicate a time when we took our friends to Six Flags Over Texas.

In addition, I repainted the model. I would have prefered green, because the actual ride at Six Flags Over Texas is green. However, it is a ride called the Riddler Revenge, and It overlaps with LEGO's liscensing apparently. Thanks for the support!