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Tim Hortons Modular Building - A Canadian Success Story


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One Canadian's idea for a Restaurant inspires another Canadian to design a LEGO set that all Canadians can build at home.

Canadians want the opportunity to build a LEGO set that embodies everyday Canadian lives. I could think of nothing better way than to design and build my own LEGO Tim Hortons. (some parts of the music video show additional figs just for fun, they are not part of my finished design)

My design includes 1 Custom Minifigure in a Canadian Hockey Jersey and 5 generic city Minifigures with 2 animals.

The 1st Floor is a Tim Hortons Restaurant complete with a serving counter, kitchen area, tables, and Pastry display cases. 

The 2nd Floor is a pet grooming store called "The Vet Barber" offering grooming for all your LEGO animal's needs. Dogs, Cats, Birds, Hedgehogs, Kodiak Bears, and dinosaurs?

The 3rd Floor is a Studio Apartment with a great balcony to sip some coffee after a hard day as a baker at the Tim Hortons below. 

I have been in contact with Tim Hortons Corporate office and they have given me permission to use their logo and IP for this LEGO ideas submission. Originally named Tim Horton Donuts, Tim Hortons is now found in 14 countries, with over 4,646 locations. It all started in 1964, with the first store in Hamilton, Ontario.

I grew up with Tim Hortons, in the restaurant, and on the field with the Timbits Minor Sports Program. Now in 2021, Tim Hortons is a staple in the life of every Canadian and known worldwide. With meals for every time of day, pastry and snacks, and the world's best Coffee, Tim Hortons is Canada's largest quick-service restaurant chain and it is the most successful worldwide franchise that was founded in Canada. 

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