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Mt. Doom (Lord Of The Rings

Re-create the suspenseful ending to the Lord of the Rings trilogy with this LEGO rendition of Mount doom!

This product idea includes 3 minifigs, being Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, and Golum. The build itself features a peg for Frodo to hang onto the ledge, and clear stand to indicate Golum’s fall.

One day I was sorting through some misc LEGO bins and can across the Frodo minifig, from there the idea popped into my head! I started building three back of the mountain followed by the spire, the lava, and finally the bridge. In total this took about 6-8 hours to build(most of this was searching for pieces to complete the lava, as I was running a bit low).

I believe this LEGO ideas project would make a great set, as I always felt that the LEGO LOTR line was amazing, but just lacking a mount doom. I think this would be a nice set to give LOTR fans something that is a key part of the movies, but was never produced.

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