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Rome Skyline Lego Architecture



This is the Skyline of the City of Rome, the capital of Italy and one of the most famous cities in Europe and the world.

This city has a lot of history an monuments, some of theme are:

 The Monument to vittorio manuele II was made for celebrate the unification of Italy by his first king, Vittorio Manuele II, is placed in the piazza Venezia and is one of the most famous monuments in the city.

The pantheon is an ancient building made by the Romans, it has an strange architecture, has a hole in the roof and when it rains, th water doesn’t enter. Now the pantheon is a museum.

Rome is atravesated by the Tiber river, that has his own island.

Next is the trevi fountain, this is a big monument that has rocks, statues and the people launch coins to return to the city.

Finally we have the Roman colosseum, was made by the romans in the year 33b.c and is one of the post popular monuments in the world, here the people and the emperor watched spectacles with the gladiators that fight.


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