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Magic Mountain Time Lab: A Blast from the Past

Join Timmy and Doctor Cyber on a journey through time and space with the Time Cruisers Magic Mountain Time Lab: A Blast from the Past!

This set is the ultimate love letter to the original 1996 theme, and is absolutely loaded with details from the original set. The build consists of 2,965 elements and includes two minifigures, a robot figure, a monkey and a skeleton.

Just like the original set, the lab itself opens in a dollhouse style, which allows for extremely easy access, as well as offering some variety as to how the model is displayed. The lab also features a detachable time traveling room, which functions as a separate vehicle.

The exterior of the lab features a small island with a palm tree, which was present in the original set, as well as a beach area in the back, which stores trash bins and tools. It also features a rooftop porch area with a large, posable telescope.

The interior houses a cozy, colorful kitchen, complete with an oven, a sink, drawers, some kitchen utensils, a refrigerator and some jars of colorful liquids.

Adjacent to the kitchen is the lab area itself, which features tons of little details and references to the original theme. Most notable is the Historical Hat Rack, which stores hats from throughout the past and future to power the Time Cruisers' vehicles. Next to the hat rack is a crank, which can be used to rotate the time traveling chair found at the top of the model. There are a lot of scientific instruments and machines in the lab, including the central energy core, which converts the historical hats to provide energy to the lab. A ladder can be found in this area to move from floor to floor. The second floor features a door that leads out to the porch area. 

The set includes two minifigures, Timmy Timebuster, who features a more modernized version of his classic look with his green shirt, blue cap and blue. He features a cellphone as an accessory. Doctor Cyber uses a very different design, which makes him appear older than the original figure looked. He features a wrench as his accessory. Also included is Ali the monkey, who uses a LEGO® monkey piece. The set also features a robot figure and a skeleton. 

Magic Mountain Time Lab: A Blast from the Past is a great set for children and adults alike. It makes for a great play piece, providing hours of playtime with all of its fun play features and its big colorful interior. It also makes a beautiful display piece for any LEGO® collector, with all of its fun and interesting details. It also makes a great set for people who are nostalgic for the original LEGO® Time Cruisers sets.

Please consider supporting if you find this set interesting and would like to see it become a real product. Please also consider sharing it with your friends and family so that they can support it too! 

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