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Submarine Trip & Diner


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"All Aboard, all aboard", "Come on an epic adventure with me out at sea on our special Submarine", "Once in a lifetime Trip"

This build consists of about 2298 parts and is set down at the Dock area and consists of a private Submarine Trip, A Diner and 11 mini-figures (Wow) :)

I have tried to put as much detail in as I can think of, Maybe you have more suggestions ?

Things my build consists off so far:-

  • A submarine that has access for 3 minifigures.
  • A colourful Diner.
  • Minifigures consist of , a Sailor, a Fisherman, 2 Clients for Submarine Trip, a Boy on a Skateboard, a Girl on her Bike, a man recycling, a Lady serving Food, a Boy with an ice cream and Flake (Yum), a Couple having lunch (man arrived on his motorbike).
  • Added a Cat, Rat, Octopus, Birds.
  • Bathroom has Toilet, Sink, Toilet paper, Broom and Blinds.
  • Diner has lots of cool things including Flat sceen HD Television on wall behind counter area, Tea pot, Orange drink machine, Cash Till, Security Camera, Jukebox etc etc.
  • Satellite Dish outside for the Flat Screen HD Television behind counter, Speed humps, Cones, Sewer, Dumpster, Ladder for roof area etc.
  • Roof has Oil Tank for underfloor heating, 2 Barrels of Oil,  AirCon, Solar Panels for Power and Water Storage Tank for the Toilet area etc.

Please keep a look out for other cool stuff in the pictures :)

Hope you like this build, it was a lot of fun to do and I really need your Support to make this set a reality!

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