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Playable Mini Pac-Man Arcade Machine

If you like Lego and you also like playing Pac-Man, then this is the Lego set for you! It’s a playable Pac-Man Arcade that was built because it came to my mind that nobody had ever made a playable Pac-Man Arcade before! This year is Pac-Man’s 43rd anniversary, which isn’t anything special. It took me maybe 7 or 8 hours to build. I used a mix of technic bricks and also normal bricks too. The decals aren’t anything special and are just printed paper taped on to the machine. I spent quite a long time contemplating how such a mechanism would fit into the small space of the inside of the arcade machine. I finally figured it out and I made a video on how to do it below and also how it works. I sadly don’t know the piece count but it's 6 6/8 in. tall, 3 1/8 in. long, and 3 1/16 in. wide. I hope you like this build and please support! I really hope this gets to 10K!

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