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Taylor Swift Album Plaque

This Lego ideas project is based on one of America's most successful singer and song writers Taylor Swift! This plaque displays some Taylors outstanding Album covers that she has created. Album covers that none other include 1989, Speak Now, Folklore plus more have been created on this Taylor Swift Album Plaque!. For all those Swifties out there who also love Lego, this would be a great opportunity to finally have Taylor Swift Lego sets.

The Taylor Swift Album Plaque would make a great set not only for Lego fans but also those Lego fans that are apart of the Tay Tay fan base. Firstly this project consists of roughly 250 - 350 Lego bricks pieces and as a result would be really affordable set for both fan bases to acquire, potentially becoming a very popular set. Secondary, there are no current official Lego Taylor Swift sets that has been made. This Lego idea will allow for that gap to be filled and introduce new fans to enjoy Lego even more. Lastly, since it has a simple design, it makes the perfect ornamental to be displayed in your home and also can be easily moved without the frustration of it potentially breaking. Thus, this Lego Ideas project will make a great Lego set as it will bring in new Lego fans, and be affordable for everyone to enjoy and display.

This Lego idea was influenced by one of my closest friends. She is a Lego fan but an even more MASSIVE Taylor Swift Fan. She ask me to create a Taylor swift themed house after she saw them all over the Lego Ideas page for Taylor Swift. So I agreed and started it but never got around to finish it. Then I decided if there was any other way to capture the significance of Taylor Swift through another scope and that's when I came up with The Tayler Swift Album Plaque idea. I surprised her with the finished idea and she loved every part of it and suggested that I submit it on Lego Ideas and here we are.

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