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Sweet Corn


Introducing my latest piece of work, it's our daily food" The sweet corn". 

Trying to build something not too complexed, but somehow it looks real. 
I love eating many different kind of corn dishes or products very much. No matter, it's popcorn, sweetcorn soup or pan fry fish fillet with sweetcorn dressing.
Corn just have that sweetness and joy when eating it.
Back to the concept and reason why I want to build this. I want people can feel the kernel with 3 -4 pieces of studs put together. It's a piece of lego which look real and feel real. I guess it's the Beauty of Lego.
Look! let's break the corn in half. See you can snap the corn into 2 to see the corncob structure inside.
Keeping a piece of Lego corn at home will be very funny.
Hope you all like my work and support it.

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