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Maxi Minifigure


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Do you know that there are more minifigures than humans?
That deserves a statue. And here it is!
I come in only 5 scaled up pieces. All exact copies of the real thing. 2977 bricks!
10 times enlarged, thus the same size as the big figs you see in the LEGO shops (45 cm/18 inches tall).
I behave like a real minifigure, so you  can pose me any way you like. I can stand, sit and walk.
I am made with real bricks that are currently in production.
-Diversify me anyway you like. Create your sweetheart, yourself, favourite artist or sports hero…
-Customize my face with a variety of stickers / printed bricks
-Customize my hair, shirt and add utensils. Go wild!
It all started 5 years ago with the design of Anatomini which reached 10K.
I evolved to take part in the Bricklink designer Programme.
And now I am back: completely redesigned to act exactly as a minifigure.
If I reach 10K and get chosen, you can be part of this history by customizing me to your own flavour.
Please support this 1000 hours-design. Me and many others will be thankful to you.
If you have any questions or suggestions leave them at the comment section. I am glad to answer them.
Have fun at LEGO ideas, Stephan Niks
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