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Tower Crane


In the Lego City there are many building machines, but I never found a tower crane with dimensions suitable for the City having a realistic simulation of a crane mechanism.

So I've decided to build my own tower crane, using my available bricks (so why the colours blue and black), the most similar to a real tower crane. It has the following features:

  • pulley block for double fall with additional pulley for 4 falls,
  • trolley,
  • hoisting winch,
  • trolley winch,
  • slewing table,
  • platform, counter weight (for it I've used a pair of old weights of my locomotive 12V),
  • lattice,
  • intermediate balconies.

The max movements of the load are: 300 mm in height and 230 mm in length.

After my creation, I've decided to design it in Lego Digital Designer, in order to show something with a better image. I decided to switch the colour from blue to yellow, much more typical colour for this kind of machines.

The crane is composed by 247 bricks, including two workers.

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