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Space Base 6.0

General build info:

This build is meant to be a small base that is capable holding a max amount of 3 passengers. The base includes a storage sector, a secret compartment, a lab table, and a scape pod that is capable of holding one passenger at a time. The build includes an astronaut on a mission to find life on other planets and is exploring the vast void of space in his small ship, even though he is alone, the ship is meant to carry other passengers as well so you can add your mini-figures to accompany the astronaut in his mission to find life. It’s a small yet fun build, and I am sure people would enjoy building and playing with this set, which is why I believe it would be a great lego idea to pitch out to the community.

Why I built it and why 6.0:

The reason I built this in the first place is because I have done many things during my time of lego building. And when I crossed over lego ideas, I really wanted to show one of the ideas I had done before, so I chose this build because it was one of my favorite ones, so I decided to build it and try my best to make it look really good. Now the reason why it’s called “space base 6.0” is because I had done this build 6 times (including this one). The first time I did it wasn’t because I wanted the build to be for lego ideas but because I was bored and the idea of a space base sounded cool, so I decided to do it in my free time, later it got destroyed but after a while I remembered it, and decided to do it again but this time with some new upgrades, this continued and every time I did it again, and every time I did it, it became better and better, until I finally came to this result, being the sixth model I had done, which is when I then decided to put it on lego ideas. Hopefully you like it and if you really came this far in reading this, I’d really appreciate if you support this idea to make it a reality.

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