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Ghostly Cabin


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Welcome to the ghostly cabin!!

In this cabin ,ghosts hang about to scare away tourists who come in search of treasures.

There is a way to defeat them, by taking a photograph of them, the ghost is trapped, but it is not an easy mission.
In and around the cabin there are traps and dangerous insects such as tarantulas and the pink dragon millipede.
With a lot of effort you can get some gold bars, but the real treasure (many gold bars) is guarded by the ghost pumpkin allies.
You might be wondering, what happens if you get caught?
Well what they do is turn you into their ghost pumpkin allies.

And what do ghosts feed on?
They feed on fear and silence.
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Design information:
Height: 8.0 (inches)
Lenght: 8.4 (inches)
Width:10.7 (inches)
Number of pieces: 1655

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