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Grill Cooking Set


This here creation is a hot diggity dog cookin' set.  Set up with a mini grill with a mini propane tank, 1 cooked hot dog, 1 uncooked hot dog, 1 cooked sausage, and 1 uncooked sausage, a hotdog bun, mustard and ketchup container, a plate, fork, knife and a tong.

There are 971 bricks in the whole build.

The hotdog bun is a fairly easy break on the sides, (just like a real hotdog bun, and you can pretend eat it), and you can fit a hotdog inside it.

The mustard / ketchup containers you can open up on the top and 6 pieces are hiding in each one, which you can take out and easily put on your hot dogs.

The plate is fit with a knife and a fork and is great for putting sausages on.

You can use the tong to move the hotdogs from off the grill to the hotdog bun.

The grill has a lid that can easily be put on and taken off, and has a mini propane tank that you can disconnect and reconnect.

I think that this should become a full fledged set because it is detailed and customizeable and you can even make your own lego food to put on it and "cook".  I also think that this would be fun for all ages because it is very playable too.

I really thank you guys for supporting me and taking your time to look at my build.  Have a nice day and spread the word of my build!  Thank you!!

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