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Pitch Perfect: Barden University Campus

Here it is! A Pitch Perfect lego set! I have built a hybrid of two locations on Barden University Campus: The dormitories and the empty swimming pool. Both are key locations in the movie, and here you see them combined into one set that fits onto a 32x32 baseplate. 

Exterior details include the pool, a table of refreshments, two spotlights and the song category wheel for the 'riff-off.' Benji and Jesse's room of course contains Benji's magician's set including a hat and wand and Jesse's laptop, on which he watches all his favorite movies, which sits on a shelf. Beca and Kimmy-Jin's room contains some of Beca's records, her digital keyboard and computer, and Kimmy-Jin's golden tree ornament. To make the building seem more real, I added some guttering and a satellite dish as well, and there are also a variety of interesting building techniques and piece uses that can be found throughout. A couple I am particularly pleased with are the angled walls for the building, and the use of a pistol for the neck of a desk lamp.

The set is approximately 1300 pieces, and contains 6 minifigures: Beca, Jesse, 'Fat Amy,' Benji, Bumper and Kimmy-Jin.

This was my first time (properly) using a digital software for building and rendering a model - hope you enjoy and please consider supporting :)

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