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La Marquise


This is a model of the old car called "La Marquise". It is known for being the world's first car with a motor, and it was made in 1884! The car is fueled by wood and coal, and it can take up to 40 minutes for it to build enough steam up to drive, and the top speed is 38km/h. 

I built this since I'm really fascinated old stuff in general. Music, vehicles, clothing etc. I saw an article about this vehicle and I thought it looked good, so I started building it.

In my opinion the price should be around 30$, since the amount of pieces isn't that high, but yet it's a bit of a premium set, not just any regular City set. 

Amount of pieces = 220

Worktime = Around 6 hours of making the actual vehicle, and around 2 hours of adding details/mastering the build.

Made in LEGO Digital Designer.

Hope you like it, and please support! :D

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