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The Brick House Book


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At first sight "The Brick House Book"  looks like a simple book made out of lego but when you open it, you will be surprised  what you will find inside.

Unlock and open the book, fold down the floors and flip open the stairs and water feature to triple its size and volume. 

or you can take a look:
- for the Christmas make-over at 
 or at at:
- for the halloween version (more halloween picures at my updates) at: 

I really enjoyed developing, building and also presenting The Brick House Book, which contains approximately 1110 pieces. 
Now The Brick House Book is ready to find out what other people think of it 😉.
When you have read my text this far, it means you are triggered by the book or really liked my idea 😀.
Thanks in advance, I appreciate your interest in my creation and hope you will press the support button. 

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