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The Chamberlain

"This is what I do. I plant stories in ground, watch grow into truth."

This is a big display model of Skeksil the Chamberlain from the popular movie The Dark Crystal and the Netflix series The Dark Crystal: Resistance. I really enjoyed both of these stories and it really captured my imagiantion. I especially liked the villains, the skeksis who are arguably the most iconic characters of this fictional franchise. From the skeksis the Chamberlain is one of my favourite and maybe the the most well known and well remembered.
This model is quite big and robust (it contains 2087 pieces), but I hope I was able to make it as detailed and as similar to the puppets that were used in the movie and series as possible.I used LDD (LegoDigitalDesigner) to create it. Its arms and head are moveable, and I added the ceremonial sword we see in the original movie to its hand as well as the staff with witch the skeksis drain the Dark Crystal of life essence.
I think fans of Jim Henson's magical universe would really like to have this model on display, especially if they like Lego as well.

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