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European Racer Truck


My race trucks

Nowadays, race trucks have nothing in common with their road-going counterparts.

For instance, race trucks are not able to pull semi-trailers as their remaining fifth-weel coupling is mainly decorative and used as a weight to reach the 5 tons minimum.

The engine is placed in a central position above the chassis. The chassis comes from a class 8 single-unit truck, longer and more stable than a tractor chassis. The race truck comes with every needed elements to race, including brakes water tank, modified fuel tank and additionnal fairings.

Under the cab which is stipped and lightened, you find the cooling engine radiator. To build the cab in Lego, I took inspiration from an easily recognizable and famous french manufacturer.

It is thanks to my knowledge in this field that I can present today my latest creation, which I thought step by step, inspired by my previous truck creations. I slightly modified the exhaust system to expose it, the silencer and exhaust pipes being normally beneath the truck.

The pilot can adjust the truck technical specifications according to the race track from a screentouch computer located in the cab.

To my test, black comes nicely with red, but it is always possible to choose other livery colors according to any chosen team sponsor, like "Octan team" in last picture.

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