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Hi how is it going everyone!!! Today i have made a small lego Arcade themed build. It includes 4 minifigs and a mannaquin, 2 arcade machines, a jukebox, plus a variety of Posters and items relating to arcade games or comic book characters and gadgets. This is a perfect set for anyone who is building a city and may need an arcade interior or maybe this could be used as a 'man-cave' in someones home. It also has a lot of unique coloured parts and hard to find pieces such as an hour glass, some action figures, an inquisiter's lightsaber hilt in metalic sand yellow and a metalic black key. Whether you like rare pieces for MOC's or just a cool looking 'Geek' hangout I think this would make a gift or even set!

If you like what you see then please support it and maybe we can get this made into a set.




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