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The Lake Lookout


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A couple of weeks ago, our family took a hike on a trail that left a great impression on us. To remember that day, I turned our experience into this Lego set. Our adventure begins within a forest where a trail winds its way among trees. As you move along, the path changes into a wooden walkway, guiding you closer to a hidden lake. While the trees and plants were hiding the view, the vast, open lake suddenly appeared. It was like uncovering a secret treasure.

Designing this set was a joy. I made sure to include key elements like the wooden pathway, the bridge, the animals and plants by the lake, and of course, the lookout. A notable feature is the graceful swan that effortlessly glides across the water. "The Lake Lookout" is my way of sharing a piece of our journey, giving everyone a glimpse of the peace and beauty we felt in nature.

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