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Add a splash of greenery to your home with these Lego terrariums! 

For this project, I have built three terrariums, each a different size and shape. They all contain various types of brick-built plants, as well as loose studs at the bottom to represent dirt. The smallest terrarium is built out of curved hot air balloon panels to give it the shape of a bottle. It features a few small plants that are subtly anchored to the bottom. The middle sized terrarium has been constructed to represent a corked jar. It contains a pair of spiky plants and a pair of round succulents. The largest terrarium has a much wider jar that encapsulates four more individual plants. However, the dirt and plants can be arranged in any way you like, as customization is easy.


These models would make for great display pieces on any desk or shelf. They provide a unique alternative to real plants and are much easier to take care of. The plants can also be removed easily, which allows for customization. 

This project was built and rendered with 2.0, and includes roughly 2000 pieces. If you want to see this become a set, support it and spread the word! 


I've updated this project to include a fourth terrarium, which brings with it rocks and mushrooms. I've also included pictures that show the step-by-step process for building/customizing the largest terrarium. This was an idea I had in mind when designing this project, but forgot to add it initially.

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