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House of Classic Colours

How it all came together:

During my recent hiatus back in January 2020, I wanted to build something epic and big, but was not sure what I wanted to build. After searching through several bricks in my LEGO® collection, I finally found the inspirations I needed: The old 2x4x3 windows and 2x4x5 doors. They were sitting in my collection for a while, just waiting to be used in some way. Naturally, I wanted to build a house--a colorful one, to be specific. After days of building, the result was a quite colorful abode featuring plenty of Easter-eggs and playability. I hope you like it!

Project description:

This colorful abode has a piece-count of about 600 pieces, or perhaps even more. It has two-stories of living space for a minifigure, as well as a small driveway, a doghouse for the doggie, a couple trees, flowers, a mailbox, a fire hydrant, fencing, and a watering can out front. A robin sits on the smaller tree, a car is provided for that strangely familiar-looking minifigure, and it even has space for some luggage.

The first floor features a small kitchenette with a sink, stove, and cupboard space for an apple and a carrot. This area also features a meal-for-one dining table, and a red television that rests upon a white stand. All of these elements can be removed for further inspection.

Next up--and also last up--is the second floor, which has two small rooms. The bedroom features a bed, of course, as well as a dresser of four drawers. The clock on top of the dresser has a rotatable face so that way the time can be "changed"! The other room is a very small bathroom, which holds a sink and a toilet. All of the elements on the second floor can also be removed for further inspection.

Usually, the roof, which has a stripy chimney in this case, is lifted to reveal only one story of the house. However, it only reveals a flat, plain, dark stone grey surface...this is where the twist comes in! I forgot to mention that there is a miniature balcony at the back of this house. It not only acts as an aesthetic, but also as a grip to pull the back of the house out to reveal both floors.

The best feature (in my opinion):

Because this house has lots of 2x4 elements incorporated in it, its walls are quite thick. However, the thick walls are beneficiary to its stability. At one time, this build sat inside a box with some of my other LEGO® MOCs. At times, I shuffled the builds around to look for others I wanted to take out. Though some of its more delicate elements came off--the trees, flowers, fencing, etc.--the house itself remained intact!


Thank you all so much for viewing and supporting this project! Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section above. Have a great day, folks! Stay safe and take care. Project submitted by Josephūs cheeseinthepie. 6/23/2020

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